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hi, i just wanted to ask: is there any way of getting past the first enemy because i've been stuck at it for a little while now?

Hi, unfortunately the game has a bug that does not allow you to pass the first enemy, we are making a new polished and corrected version that we intend to make available at the end of this month.

ok, that's cool. hopefully the development of the new version is going well. thanks for responding! 

how do you turn it on ? i can only get as far as inserting the cart then nothing happens / appears to turn it on ...

after inserting the cartridge, turn the console over again until the front side is visible, a "^" button will appear, click on it and the console top will be available for interaction, then click the switch at the top of the screen to turn on console, if you turn on the console without the cartridge you will need to restart the game just like on the original console.